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Introducing the

Love & Money: Monthly Masterclass

Manifestation Masterclass September 2022

You can have everything you want from life. However, without an innate sense of worthiness, you'll never achieve genuine fulfilment.

Contrary to what society tells us, it’s not just about making money or finding your soulmate.

When you learn exactly how to generate a foundation of abundance and connection in your life, it opens you up to a wealth of experience that expands your aliveness.

In this Love & Money Masterclass we'll show you exactly how you can create an inspiring relationship while increasing the flow of your finances too. 

Up Level Now

Is this the program for


  • LOVE: You've got your work life handled; your career is going great, but when you get home, there's no one there to share it with.

  • MONEY: You've found someone special to share your life with, but you just can't crack the money 'code' to live your life as freely as you want

  • TIRED: Have you been working on yourself for absolutely ages, but are still waiting for that transformational breakthrough?

  • UNFAIR: Have you put in lots of time and effort, yet still haven’t got the real world outcomes that you actually want?

  • CHANGE: Are you ready to transform your relationship to Love & Money, so you can create true wealth -both financially and relationally?

  • Here's why we made this program...

    The Insight

    In 50+ years of combined coaching experience, my co-trainer and I have found that the problems people struggle with financially have the same underlying structure as those who struggle romantically.

    In other words, there’s a common fundamental pattern that determines success in both. So, why do so many people have success In one but not the other? 

    The Hidden Pattern

    Perhaps, at some deep level some of us do not believe we can have both, and so we put all our creative energy into one area, leaving the other neglected and underdeveloped.

    Learn how to systematically build your inner resonance & flow and cultivate your right to have abundance in both love and money.

    Keys to the Kingdom

    These sessions will support you in developing the foundations that produce financial freedom. These are the very same structures to those that create romantic success.

    These Love & Money Healing & Clearing sessions have been specifically designed to bring fulfilment and wellbeing to these two key areas of life. 

    So, who is Anand?

    My co-trainer, Annie Lalla & I, ran the first Love & Money Workshop in October 2021 and during that training, I ran weekly Love & Money: Healing & Clearing sessions. These sessions proved so popular with the participants of that program, that we are now launching these are a stand-alone offering.

    The Love & Money Workshop will be available soon in a recorded online version, and Annie & I will bring you further Love & Money offerings soon. 

    So, back to the question, who is Anand, really? ...

    My bio is at the bottom of this page, but how much can one convey with a few words on a web page?

    Instead, I think the best way for you to get a feel for this program is to experience what happens live and 'in session'...

    Below is a Full Healing and Clearing Session from the original Love & Money Program...


    What will happen when you


    Love & Money: Healing & Clearing Sessions

    “There are people who have money and people who are rich.” -Coco


    Learn the deeper principles that lead to true wealth. Come discover:

  • The inner shifts that lead to you creating powerful relationships to love & money without compromising the quality of either

  • How to to free yourself from hidden upper limits on freedom and joy so you can enjoy the people & current wealth in your life

  • Ways to access your creative energy to fulfill your romantic & financial desires as expressions of your most authentic self

  • How to consciously evolve your self-image, which is a major key to the intentional creation of up leveled results

  • We'll Meet 1st & 3rd Tuesday of Each Month

    Live Sessions lead by Anand


    Love & Money: Healing & Clearing Sessions

    + Live Q&A


    Intro Sessions: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, 60 mins (+30 mins Live Q&A)

    Start Time: 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET / 9.00pm UK

    Here's how we'll flow...

    Here’s an idea of kinds of topics we’ll be diving into over the next six months of LIVE Healing & Clearing Sessions.

    Rather than a fixed cirriculum, we'll be prioritising whatever is coming up for the group members each month


    Healing & Clearing

    Struggling? Help is on the way...

    In this first month, we'll help you clear the major stumbling blocks that most people hit when they try to up level their life. You'll learn exactly how to cope with emotions that come up and block your actions. Increased coping skills mean increased success.



    Who do you think you are?

    Your range of actions and behaviors flow from your self image. Learn how to elegantly evolve your image until you're able to feel safe, comfortable & congruent with more success.



    What do you want...really?

    Most people have not fully clarified their deepest desires and so their results tend to be a reflection of that confusion. Feeling confident to take what you need, without guilt and shame, is a key skill that needs to be practiced.  



    If you don't dream it, you can't have it

    Imagination is the key to creation. Every great expression in the world was once an idea in someone's mind. Learn how to access your imagination, your creativity and connect with what you authentically want to create.


    Next Level

    Taking it up a notch

    It's time to take your life to the next level or clarity, freedom, success and power. After releasing your fears, blocks, resistances and tuning into your intuitive creativity, you'll soar to higher levels of love, abundance & connection.



    Integrating Success

    Periodically, it’s time to pull everything together, - assimilation and celebration, in a way that enhances ease and flow in your life. You'll be taking stock of all the ways you've upgraded your results. Having the kind of love and money you desire can be a natural expression of who you are 'being' in the world.

    Anand Rao

    With nearly three decades studying personal and spiritual development, Anand has deeply explored and refined some of the most effective ways to facilitate elegant and lasting change.

    Using intuition & practical creativity he helps individuals develop inner-world and outer-world results that are undeniable.

    Join Us

    In addition...

    Bonus 01.


    We'll get together in special longer Super Deep Dive sessions in Sep & Dec 2022 (5th Thursdays) to help you heal and release any blocks or limitations coming up as you move through to greater levels of ease and freedom.

    Bonus 02.


    You'll receive all the session recordings in a special private membership area, that you can view them at your convenience and as often as you like. There will also be additional resources provided there for free from time to time.

    Bonus 03.


    These days, community is a significant part of the learning journey. Join our Facebook Community, exclusive to workshop participants, so you can deepen your connections and understanding of Love & Money.

    Love & Money: Healing & Clearing Sessions

    + Live Q&A  

     Lead by Anand Rao 

    Dive In Monthly

    Free Membership

    1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 60 mins

    +30 mins Live Q&A


    'Working with Anand is like working in a Self-Help Time machine, the transformations happen almost instantaneously (and continuously).’

    "After working with Anand only a few things changed in my life for the better.

    I was asked to try out for a TV show, I wrote a book and got asked by a publisher to create a second, I moved across the country, went from 0 to over 700K followers across TikTok and Instagram with millions of views, am friends with people that I looked up to at one point, and I now know how to believe in myself and my value. As I said, just a few changes :)

    Anand is like a wizard who can quickly pinpoint the source of problems you have been facing for years and with the tools/techniques/his genius, he can quickly help you overcome them, whether it’s love or money and anything in between."

    - Antonio Cucciniello

    Here's what you can


  • Direct access to authentic creativity and the ability to consciously harness its power in your personal and professional life

  • An abundant way of flowing in the world that allows you to actualize your hearts desires -both financially & romantically

  • A trustable connection to your intuition (the voice of your future successful self) – to live into your highest truth

  • A comprehensive toolkit for working through any emotional blocks that keep you from calling in the upgraded results your higher self wants

  • Join Us Now

    Here's Why You'll Love These Sessions...

    What if you could get what you want without pushing, stressful effort or willpower?

    You can achieve your desires organically -with more ease, flow and grace.

    We all have dreams that are deeply important, yet months or years can go by and we find ourselves no closer to those outcomes, despite much effort.

    Our approach seeks to transform this common misconception that comes from forcing our actions in order to get results.

    When you gently uncover and release thoughts, feelings, expectations, guilt & shames that are not yours, freedom arises. You're no longer trying to move forward with the brakes on.

    Events become easier and more in flow; results organically materialize naturally, and life becomes a true expression of our native creativity.

    Come Play

    Why work with Anand?


    Embodied Transformation

    Many courses and workshops offer lots of information, but missing what's needed (internally) in order to put all that information into practice.

    We work at the cognitive, the emotional and the energetic level. Beliefs & being.

    With live Q&A, emotional laser coaching and implementation tools, you'll be living the changes after each class, not just "knowing" what to do, but "feeling" you can do it. 


    A Safe Place to Transform

    Almost everyone we coach in groups comment on how safe the space feels. For us, this is the key to deep exponential change and lasting transformation. All the worried, frightened, scared aspects of your self need to be honored and appreciated in order to make space for new possibilities.

    It is surprising how easily people can transform old patterns when their whole being feels safe and loved exactly as it is.


    Celebrate Your Uniqueness


    'Permission to be yourself' is one of the highest values for all our clients and course participants.

    You come to sessions like this for your own specific reasons, however it's our belief that the deep longing of each human being is to express the most authentic version of themselves. We'll help you find the freedom to be uniquely you while creating outward success.

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    You're in good company

    'I am releasing, letting go, changing & evolving

    "Anand is the most generous teacher I ever had with his time, his care to bring us to our equilibrium.

    It is hard to explain, even when Anand is working with someone else & I am following his directions, there have been so many times during the “process” I am tearing up & I am releasing, letting go, changing and evolving.”

    - Sue Romano

    'Wisdom combined with body practices'

    "Love and Money has changed the way that I look at how I approach relationships of all sorts, including my relationship with money.

    It's allowing me to find the deep roots of things I do that are no longer needed, and then update how I show up as the person I am now.

    The biggest gift and surprise is having so much wisdom combined with body practices. This has given me a new sense of vision, and allowed me to tune my nervous system to support and align with that vision.”

    - Laura Willson


    'Enjoy work, relationships and personal life'

    “Anand is the real deal when it comes to understanding your abilities in your current situation.

    Because of his work, I am on a better path, more satisfied and enjoy my work, relationships and personal life.

    As a comedian, learning how your inner voice works in the outside world is what makes the results happen. If you want to evolve your identity, this is the man who can take you within and without."

    - Manny Garavito


    ''Thrive and perform more effectively'

    "Anand offers a rare combination of energetic, spiritual, and cerebral intelligence that is mind blowing.

    As a result of being coached by him I have a greater capacity to self-regulate and to have a meta perspective of what's happening experientially in the moment.

    My emotional resilience is now much stronger because of his coaching and this allows me to thrive and perform more effectively in all areas of my life."

     - Jo Say


    Love & Money: Healing & Clearing Sessions

    + Live Q&A 

    Lead by Anand Rao 

    Dive In Monthly

    Free Membership

    1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 60 mins

    +30 mins Live Q&A



    Answers to common questions. For any others, do reach out.

    How much personal attention?

    Although this is group program, we find there is usually enough time during Q&A for people to bring up specific challenges they maybe facing and get help in having those resolved. The true power of a group is that many people face similar (if not identical) challenges. Since we work at a field level, everyone present tends to gets the changes they came for during the program.

    Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    We'll do our very best to ensure that you get what you came for and are satisfied. However, if after the first week of live sessions, you decide that this program isn't for you, just write to us and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. 

    Where will the live sessions be held?

    All session will be held on the Zoom online-webinar platform. You'll receive links and reminders each week. There will also be an exclusive Facebook group so you can interact with your fellow Love & Money participants and share in your own and others' wins and successes as you experience them during the program. 

    What's the time investment?

    The program is officially 1.5 hrs a week (every Wednesdays at 7:30pm ET). In addition there are weekly hour-long healing & clearing sessions. Plus each week we'll offer you easy-to-implement habits in order for you to get the most from the lessons. This is an invest-in-yourself program and like with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you'll get back.

    What if I miss a live session?

    If you can attend all the live sessions, that would be ideal. However, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way. All sessions will be recorded so you'll be able to catch up by downloading it when you have time. You'll be able to revisit the training time and time again. You'll get a weekly summary of session notes.

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    'My coaching with Anand, marked an inflection point in my life...'

    "Six months earlier I started an online physics teaching practice. During my time with our special group, my coaching income doubled, and has continued organically growing since then.

    I learned I could let my imagination lead the way and I learned to recognise and trust authentic desire. I created a YouTube channel and posted my first video while using simple, practical techniques for self-regulation from Anand's lifetime of master energy healing.

    Thanks to Anand's guidance, I now work with a sense of grand adventure and play, and my life has taken on a magical hue."

    - Philip Noonan

    (C) Adventures In Mind