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Love & Money: Evolving Your Self Deep Dive

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Love & Money

Evolving Your Self Deep Dive

In these live session recordings you'll all the background you need to be able to resolve inner tensions and conflicts and live a more harmonised and balanced life. We'll do exercises for you to be able to find more ease and flow.

7 Benefits of Evolving Your Self

1. Feeling more in charge of your life

2. Not being triggered by your past

3. Having more access to your gifts

4. Feeling more present and centred

5. Having more ease and flow in life

6. Lovingly accepting all of you

7. Emerging naturally to your next level

In this live training, you'll also experience some powerful energy processes to help clear the blocks to your future success.

Come and join this Masterclass and find out exactly how to create and live the life you want.



Dates & Times

Love & Money Evolving Your Self Masterclass

Was October 2022 

4 x 1.5hr Deep Dive Sessions

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Love & Money

Evolving Your Self

Deep Dive

4 x 1.5hrs Live Training


USD $97

  • Learn practical daily practices you can do to enhance your life 

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  • Your Trainer

    Anand Rao

    With nearly three decades studying personal and spiritual development, Anand has deeply explored and refined some of the most effective ways to facilitate elegant and lasting change.

    He is a principal faculty member of a year long coaching training school, where he leads the Inner Entrepreneur program, helping around 50 coaches each week develop their inner-world and outer-world results, so they can perform at their best in bringing their gifts to the world.

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